Born Free

Born Free

Born Free is a program dedicated to providing treatment support and assistance to women struggling to overcome a substance abuse problem. The program’s goal is to help strengthen the total family in the process. Born Free is open to all women, including pregnant women and their newborns, women with children of any age, as well as women without children.

Goals of Born Free…

  • To build stronger families
  • To get children off to a healthier start
  • To improve parenting skills
  • To have healthy babies born to healthy mothers
  • To forge mother/child bonds to last a lifetime

The Atmosphere…

  • Warm, supportive, nurturing environment
  • Master’s level therapists
  • On-site childcare
  • Group and individual therapy

Topics Covered…

  • Entering the process of recovery from addiction
  • How to remain drug & alcohol free
  • Integrating the principles of a 12-step recovery program into daily life
  • Introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Alanon
  • Scheduling medical care including prenatal and well-baby checkups
  • Parenting skills training
  • Assistance with meeting basic needs
  • Networking with other local agencies that serve women and children


  • Born Free accepts Medicaid and some private insurances.
  • Funding is also available for those who lack insurance.


  • Born Free at (517) 782-9905 to schedule an appointment.

At the appointment, the case manager talks with women about their family background, alcohol and drug histories and any other special needs they may have in order to make an appropriate referral.

Transportation support is available, and child care is provided.

For more information call 517-782-9905 or 517-787-7920.