Adoption Resource Center

Adoption Resource Center

Every child deserves a home and a family to call their own. In 2007, over 6,000 Michigan children were waiting for a family to adopt them.

Foster Care Adoption
Many of these children will wait four or more years for a permanent home, and some will turn eighteen and enter the adult world alone without the loving support of a family. Often these young people end up homeless, on drugs, or in jail because they have nobody to care.

Jacob’s Story
Jacob and his younger brother spent years in and out of foster care. Jacob’s mother was an alcoholic, and was physically and verbally abusive. The final time the boys entered foster care it was because Jacob called Child Protective Services to come and get them. The court finally terminated parental rights to Jacob and his brother, and they were now available for adoption. Jacob was fourteen and he knew that the chances of adoption at his age were slim. Jacob told his caseworker at Family Service and Children’s Aid that he wanted a safe place to live and he wanted a real family. Jacob was tired of constantly moving and craved stability. Family Service and Children’s Aid placed him in a temporary foster home until they could find a permanent place for him. After a few months, his foster parents told the agency that Jacob really fit in well with their family and they wanted to adopt him. Jacob was overjoyed! This was his dream come true. Another family adopted his brother, but the boys remain in contact. Jacob is now a senior in high school and is doing very well.

Family Service and Children’s Aid is committed to finding permanent homes for the many children who are waiting for a family, but we need your help. If you feel that your family could provide a loving, nurturing home for a Michigan child in need, please contact us at 517-787-7920 or fill out an Inquiry Form. FSCA offers an Adoption/Foster Care Orientation by appointment at our Jackson office. If you are a two-parent family, both parents must attend. Please join us for more information.

FSCA Adoption Services After Placement
Family Service & Children’s Aid is not only committed to placing older children, but in supporting families through the process. We are dedicated to providing families with the necessary support and training to make a successful placement. Adoption, in our opinion, is a lifelong process and our commitment extends to families throughout their lifetime. FSCA maintains a library of resources, which are available for loan. Counseling services with adoption informed therapists is available through our Family Counseling clinic. Crisis intervention, referrals for other services, outreach, support groups and workshops are a few of the services we have to offer.

Infant Adoption & Direct Placement
Family Service & Children’s Aid also places a small number of infants. Please contact us directly for additional information. For those who have decided to pursue a direct placement adoption (where they have identified a birth parent or intend to identify a birth parent directly), Family Service & Children’s Aid is able to place a priority on beginning their Adoptive Family Assessment. Fees apply for infant adoption and direct placement.

For more information, call us at 517-787-7920 or email us at

Adoption Frequently Asked Questions