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Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wendy’s Wonderful Kids?
Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK), is a child-focused recruitment program that works alongside the adoption worker to increase the chances for permanency for the longest waiting youth in foster care through a diligent search model.  WWK and other caseworkers form a team to advocate for the child.

What do Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters do?
WWK recruiters create an individualized recruitment plan for each child, and first focuses on trying to recruit families who already know the children, or have ties to their communities and support networks. For example, WWK recruiters may try and locate relatives of the child, former foster parents or caretakers, a teacher from their school, congregation members from a former church, a coach, or their best friend’s parent. Even if these individuals are not able to take the child into their home, WWK recruiters hope to reconnect healthy and safe individuals from a child’s past and provide the child with more connections and support.

What do the team that is created do that benefits the child?
These supports become a part of the child’s recruitment team and in turn reach out to their own community connections to recruit adoptive families for their loved one. In conjunction with this recruitment, WWK recruiters also reach out to the adoption and foster care community to locate families who do not know the child, but have the strengths, characteristics, and qualities that child needs in a family.

Does the child get a say in the families that are being recruited?
Yes.  Children are consulted about their recruitment plan and give great insight into what qualities they are looking for in a family.