Alyssa’s Forever Family Story

Here is the story of Alyssa finding her forever family!
“It could be said Brian and I had an aversion to lifelong commitments.  After all, it took us nearly 10 years to tie the knot and our knocking knees still drowned out the minister. That all changed on February 10, 2015.  That was the day the most adorable 8 month old little girl arrived at our door and we felt our hearts expand in a way we had never known possible.  The first time those big brown eyes looked into ours, we were hooked.  We knew the road from fostering to adoption could potentially be a bumpy one, but with the support of Family Service & Children’s Aid it was an incredibly smooth process to our forever family.  We have never been more excited to see what the future holds for us and our beautiful daughter!”
-Leigh & Brian

We are very excited to have been able to work with this family as they went on their journey of being a forever family.  We also want to thank the family for sharing their story with us!



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