Christian and Staci’s Journey to Their Forever Family

Christian and Staci made the decision long ago that they wanted to foster children. This was a desire they shared as a couple rooted in their faith. They became licensed as foster parents knowing that the goal of foster care is to reunify children in care with their birth family. They wanted to be a part of that process. They received the call about placement for twin boys. It didn’t take long for Christian and Staci to say yes. The baby boys came to them in rough shape. They were very small, having been born early. They both had breathing problems that required trips to the ER, breathing treatments, frequent doctor visits, long nights and long days. They were supportive of the reunification process taking the boys to every parenting time visit dressed, clean, and well cared for. They hadn’t allowed themselves to dream about the boys being theirs. They wanted to see their birth mother make it if she could.

When it came time and the courts decided that the goal was changing from reunification to adoption they could take a deep breath. The boys really would be theirs and now they allowed themselves to enjoy and celebrate what they felt were always their sons. Christian and Staci went above and beyond to ensure that the boy’s needs were not only met but also exceeded. Christian and Staci have shown their sons unconditional love and support since day one.

Thank you to Christian and Staci for allowing us to share their story of their journey to the forever family they have always wanted.

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