Foster Home Licensing

Foster Home Licensing

As part of the foster care orientation process, the State of Michigan has four video segments that must be viewed. The topics are What Every Parent Needs to Know, Attachment & Separation, Impact of Fostering, and The Licensing Process. You can watch these video segments online by clicking here.

To set up an orientation call 517-787-7920

Pre-Licensing Trainings
Must be completed prior to licensure

Ongoing Trainings after Licensure
6 hours of training are required each year after being issued a foster home license

  • Foster Parent Training Resource
  • First Aid (needs to be completed upon expiration of previous first aid completion date)
  • PRIDE (5, 7, 8, & 9) – the remaining PRIDE classes must be completed within 2 years of when your license was issued.

Foster Home Licensing Documents