Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
A healthy community built on strong families

Our Mission
To strengthen the emotional health and functioning of children, adults and families through counseling, education, foster care, adoption, advocacy and program development.

Our Belief
The Family is the basic social unit of our diverse society. The ideal family, regardless of its composition, offers all its members and intimate, caring relationship and the opportunity to develop as responsible, mature individuals. The family is the primary source of care, protection and nurturing. It is within a healthy family that each individual develops the capacity to be a stable, productive, loving adult.

Our Operational Values
FSCA is guided in all of its services and activities by these basic operational values:

  • Exceeding Expectations – Quality of our products/services will exceed expectations of our partners and customers.
  • Acting with Integrity – Integrity, trust, honesty, respect and fiscal responsibility will form our cornerstone.
  • Making a Difference – Individually and collectively we will act to make the greatest positive impact on families.
  • Promoting Diversity – We recognize the inherent worth in every individual and the strength which comes from diversity.