Pregnancy Counseling

Pregnancy Counseling

Services are available for adolescents and adult women to assist them in deciding whether to parent or to release their child for adoption. Services include individual, couples and family counseling and referrals for housing, child care, medical care and legal services as needed.

Who uses our services:
Pregnancy Counseling is available to any person facing an unplanned, untimely, or “problem” pregnancy, regardless of race, gender, marital status, sexual preference, age, physical or mental challenges, or religious orientation. A birth parent’s choice about the outcome of the pregnancy is not judged or viewed as a condition for eligibility in the program. A crisis pregnancy affects more than the pregnant woman alone; therefore others may be involved in counseling, including the birth father, a spouse or significant other, and other family members or friends.

Why counseling is provided:
We acknowledge that there is no easy or perfect outcome to an unplanned pregnancy. Our goal is to assist birth parents in making educated and conscious decisions about what is best for them and the child. We assist birth parents in making and implementing a permanent plan for the future for their child.

What services are available?
This program offers professional, unbiased counseling on pregnancy-related issues, referrals to other agencies or resources as needed, and adoption services if the birthparent chooses.

How are services provided?
Counselors respect the rights and responsibilities of prospective parents to plan for their child; we believe this involves a careful process of considering the decision, anticipating probable outcomes, and becoming aware of emotions associated with each choice. Services are provided for both agency and direct consent adoptions of infants. Counselors discuss with birth parents any pregnancy-related services they may need, and assist them in obtaining these services through the existing support system by referral to appropriate resources or by acting as advocate and liaison within the agency or community. For those considering or choosing adoption, counselors provide information about the adoption process, assistance with planning and selecting a family, and with related legal requirements.

Where is counseling offered?
Counseling services are normally offered at the Family Service & Children’s Aid office, but clients may be seen in other locations when requested.

What does this service cost?
There is no charge to the birth parents for pregnancy counseling services offered by this program.

Who do I call?
Call Dr. Bob Powell at  517-787-7920