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Adult Guardian Services

In keeping with the mission of strengthening the emotional health and functioning of our community, FSCA offers guardianship services within Jackson County for adults who are unable to protect their own interests and are, therefore, vulnerable to exploitation, neglect or injury.

Services offered are:

  • Guardianship to take legal responsibility for care of a person, as appointed by the court
  • Conservatorship to take legal responsibility for the finances of a person, as appointed by the court
  • Representative Payee to perform financial tasks for persons who receive income only through Social Security and have no other assets that would require a court-appointed conservatorship, as filed with Social Security Administration

The Service Philosophy of guardian services is to protect vulnerable adults while respecting the individual’s right to self-determination. Eligibility for guardianship services requires a referral for the services and an analysis of whether guardianship is the least restrictive alternative that will still effectively meet the individual’s needs. Guardianship also requires a determination of whether there is a more appropriate family member or friend to assume guardianship. Acceptance for guardianship services may also be based on our capacity to provide appropriate, high-quality care to each client.

Key components of Jackson County Guardian Services include:

  • Obtain and coordinate community services.
  • Provide consent for medical interventions.
  • Secure Benefits
  • Secure Housing
  • Make a funeral plan
  • Contact monthly and as needed
  • Communicate and collaborate with family, friends, caregivers and service providers
  • Attend Probate Court hearings
  • Complete and submit annual report to Court
There are community programs and services available for vulnerable adults in Jackson County.  Available resources can be found at:
If you or your loved one are having trouble managing money, there are guidebooks available at https://protectmymoneymi.org/ to explain various ways to set up financial management (Power of Attorney; Trustee; Representative Payee for Social Security or Veterans benefits; and Court Appointed Conservator).  These guidebooks also contains lists of other financial and legal resources.