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Family Service & Children’s Aid serves the Jackson Community by caring for our most vulnerable citizens. Whether through foster care, adoption, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, guardian, parent education or juvenile diversion & prevention programs, we help protect, heal, and strengthen children, adults, and families. Your gift this holiday season will help us with our mission. Click the Donate button in the right-hand column to send your gift.


We are so THANKFUL this year for this amazing family! The Pinson family have so much love to give. The family had already adopted three children out of the foster care system, when this year they added a precious little boy. The family fostered this child during the reunification process, but when he was unable to return home they were eager to adopt him. They work with service providers to make sure all his needs are met, and love and care for him. They exhibit a lot of love, patience, and kindness to all of the children who have come into their family. We are so grateful for this family and families like them who give the children in our care safe, and nurturing homes.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting go to https://strong-families.org/foster-care-adoption/ or fill out an inquiry form on our Adoption page and we will contact you.

Forever Family x 5

The staff at FSCA feel that it has been one of their greatest professional honors to work with this family. In the last two years, this single mother of two adult children and long time foster parent has adopted five children out of the foster care system. She worked hard to try and help reunify them with their families, but when that was not possible she made the decision to make them members of her family forever. Sky’s consistent combination of structure and unconditional love has resulted in a special magic that she has used to meld four families into one. The children in her home all came with their own trauma history and struggles, but she fights for her babies and she never gives up. She has shown time and again how healing it can be to belong to a family. As the kids in her home say, “Our family is the best family”.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting go to https://strong-families.org/foster-care-adoption/ or fill out an inquiry form on our Adoption page and we will contact you.

A Family’s Journey Through Recovery

FSCA’s Family Group provides a unique forum for persons in recovery from substance use, and the families and friends of persons in recovery or who have lost family or friends to the disease of addiction, to meet in an informal, comfortable setting. The group invites the public, not only FSCA clients, to come and share their experience, strength and hope in a supportive group of people who are also navigating a path through addiction and other mental disorders.

There is no similar group in the Jackson area, and FSCA has an array of groups incomparable locally. The Family Group is bringing addiction and mental disorders to light, and giving the Jackson recovery community another place to find healing and hope. FSCA has provided a comfortable, informal, nonjudgmental space for my 13-yr-old and my husband to join me in my recovery and meet other people who either are recovering themselves or love a person who is recovering or who is not with them anymore.

Instead of a formal, dull didactic lead by a presenter, the family group gives each person attending a chance to share. It has allowed my family to hear first-hand experience, struggles, and successes with addiction and other mental disorders. The Family Group has helped our family process the trauma we have been through because of my disease. Marissa

If you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse, please call 517-787-7920 to set up an intake, or go to https://strong-families.org/behavioral-health-programs/substance-abuse-3/ for more information about our program.