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Foster Care Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Orientation for Foster Care?
An orientation for Foster Care is a meeting, at Family Service & Children’s Aid, where you can learn about the expectations of being a foster parent, learn more about what children are in need of placement and expectations in the licensing process.

What is the Application and Licensing Packet and is it required?
Yes, after completion of the orientation, you may sign a foster parent application and begin to provide Family Service & Children’s Aid with information.  The information required is about your home, family and references.  In addition, fingerprint background clearances are required to be completed and turned in to the licensing worker.

How long does the process  of becoming a licensed foster parent take?
Once you sign an application, you are required to become licensed within 180 days (6 months).

What is involved with Foster Parent training?
Prior to becoming licensed, applicants are required to attend 12 hours of  PRIDE with a specific training curriculum. You will also have to complete first aid, reasonable & prudent parenting standard  and trauma training. Trainings are held in person in a group setting with other applicants from other agencies so that you may benefit from collaboration with others.

Does does a Home Evaluation Consist of?
A licensing specialist will collect the licensing paperwork from you and conduct 2 to 4 face to face visits with you and your family in your home. The evaluation is a collection of information. This information will be about your home, your family, your beliefs and goals as well as to ensure that your home is in compliance with the state licensing rules.

How long will children be in my home?
Children who enter foster care may need a short term placement (1-2 weeks up to 12 months) or a longer term placement (12+ months or a permanent placement through adoption).  Each child and case i different in the needs of the children.

Who will I work with?
A licensing specialist will assist you with getting started and will maintain at least annual contact with you for as long as you remain a foster parent. When a child is placed in your home, you will have a case manager who will interact with you on a more frequent basis.