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Home Again Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this program cost?
The Home Again program is funded through the Department of Health and Human Services and is free of cost to families and it is voluntary. The purpose of the program is to help families to reunify in a more timely manner.

What happens if I start the program and then move out of the county?
If a family moves out of a county and into another county that we serve, it’s possible that we could continue to work with the family without interruption of services.

What makes a family eligible for the Home Again program?  (Foster Care Supportive Visitation and In-Home Education)
The children have been in out-of-home placement for 8 months or less and the permanency goal is reunification.
Can parent coaches meet with families in their homes?
The program was designed to meet with the parents and their children in their own homes or other public places.
Can parent coaches transport parents and/or children?
Parent coaches can transport one way.  Parent education is provided before or after visits with the children and time for this is needed without the children present.
How long is the Home Again program?
We meet with the parents for a total of 14 weeks.  We have an assessment visit and a closing visit and 12 coaching visits with the children present.
What curriculum is used to teach the parent education?
A. We use the Nurturing Parenting curriculum, an evidenced-based, skill-building, trauma informed program designed for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.