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Help Us Celebrate Breakout’s 20 Years of Service

The Breakout Drug Education Program began 20 years ago in Jackson with a group of concerned volunteers and a goal: reduce and eliminate escalating adolescent alcohol and drug use.

Over the years since then, 65,000 middle and high school students in six counties in lower Michigan have participated in the Breakout Program, thanks in large part to the generosity and commitment of the community.

Among its many unique qualities, Breakout has evolved and adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of the community. From Breakout’s beginnings in 1991 with school assemblies and two days of classroom programming, through evaluation and program curriculum enhancement, the Breakout Drug Education Program has grown to an eight day model showing significant and proven impact on adolescent alcohol and substance use and abuse.

It is rare for a grass roots program like Breakout to exist more than 10 years. In recognition of the significance of 20 years of service, we invite you to celebrate this amazing achievement with us.

If you will be able to join us, or would like to be a sponsor, please register online.

For more information email Shelly Milligan