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J.U.M.P. (Just Understand My Potential)

JUMP is a youth diversion program, giving youth a second chance after making a mistake. The program includes classes for the youth and the parent/guardian. Youth will develop skills for positive familial relationships, health and financial benefits of an alcohol/drug-free lifestyle, methods for dealing with stress and resolving conflicts.There are two ways that youth can be involved in the program:

School/Parent Referrals

It is important that youth be held accountable for bad behavior and poor choices. Just as important, is for youth to learn alternate more positive choices and behaviors.The JUMP program offers students the opportunity to reflect and learn from their mistakes, as well as develop new self-regulation tools to prevent incidents from happening again in the future. JUMP services include parental involvement, leading to benefits that extend beyond the school setting. The youth and parent will meet with the JUMP case manager to do an intake interview and then they will participate in classes that will help them have the tools they need to make better choices. Please call 517-787-7920 to learn more about referring a youth to the program.

Court Referrals

Youth are prone to make mistakes or put themselves in vulnerable situations. Participation in the JUMP program provides youth the opportunity to gain essential education for avoiding illegal substances as well as have their criminal offense suppressed through the court.  The JUMP program offers first-time offending youth the opportunity to be diverted from formal court sanctions with an opportunity to have their criminal record sealed.

A criminal record can negatively impact the future of youth by limiting access to colleges, employment, and military entrance, which may negatively affect self-worth and future financial stability. One year after successful completion of the program, 88% of the youth do not re-offend.

The JUMP program staff work with the youth for 90 to 120 days. Youth are mentored with behavioral plans and goals specifically designed for each individual.